This has been on my mind for some time…

There are no laws that will stop someone with strong intent or mental issues. We have local, state and federal laws about guns on school property, murder, agg. battery…yet these laws stop no one with strong intent or mental issues. Laws only penalize those guilty of breaking them, they don’t stop them from committing the act.

Our very most important asset is our children and above ALL else they should be protected. Not with more laws that do not matter to criminals or the mentally ill. We protect our professional athletes, politicians, concert performers, museums and many more people/places with proper security and metal detectors. Isn’t it time we secure our children.

There should be armed security/law enforcement and proper screening at EVERY school. Not just one school resource officer, who may or may not be on the property at any given time. This will be very costly but could be implement over a 20 year period, with immediate results.

There are thousands of retired law enforcement officer in every state, most of which have grandchildren they love dearly. Most would volunteer to protect schools, at NO cost. It could be well organized over a short period of time. Over the next few years, budgeting could be implemented to fund the proper security needed, similar to the same system TSA uses at our airports.

Making a new law will accomplish nothing, we need to act to protect our children.


This has to be one of best commercials of the year, from JOHN LEWIS. Take a couple of minutes out of your day, it will be worth it! Click Here

Back in 2010, I bought a new “still on the dealer’s floor” 2007 Honda VFR800 Interceptor. The VFR is considered a sport/touring bike and is more comfortable than most sport bikes. It sits you more upright and isn’t as hard on your back or wrists. I modified it with a lot of accessories and liked riding when I could, but only put a little over 3500 miles on it the two years I owned it. I ended up giving a friend a good deal on it and bought a 2008 level II Goldwing. I was able to put a lot more miles on the Goldwing, taking several trips.

A few months ago, my friend told me he was thinking about selling the VFR. He too had only put about 3500 miles on the bike and he hadn’t changed a thing, keeping it still in pristine condition. I ended up buying it back a couple of days ago and couldn’t be happier. Now I have the Goldwing for the trips and the VFR for…well…the fun!

2007 Honda VFR800 Interceptor

My Candy Glory Red VFR800 has the following upgrades: Zero Gravity Double Bubble Smoked Windscreen, Sargent World Sport Performance Seat, Competition Werkes Fender Eliminator, R&G Racing Crash Protectors, Honda ST1300 Center and Side Tank Pads, RAM Ball Mount and power hookup (for GPS or Phone), Five Star Top Rack, two (2) color-matched Givi Top Cases (medium and large), GenMar Risers, Grip Puppies, Kaoko Cruise Control, Pazzo Type Racing Levers, mirror extenders, Red-Fox Rear Hugger.



While on a recent business trip, I stopped in the sea-side city of Darien GA. This is a neat little town, where shrimp boats are docked and spanish moss grows on the trees.

A few boats from the shrimping fleet.

Darien was established in 1736, so there are several historic buildings here.

I finally had a little down-time while on a business trip and did a little exploring on St. Simons Island, in Georgia. We had a great fresh seafood meal at a little place called Catch 228 Oyster Bar and Grill. The food was GREAT and the prices were more than fair and were lower than we had anticipated.

After lunch, we went to St. Simons Pier Village. A neat area with fisherman catching the sea’s treasures and lots of shops selling clothing, seashells, antiques and everything else you can think of. This is also where the lighthouse is located.

There are several place to stay in this area, all of which seem to have a great view.

Some of the bridges in the area are spectacular.

There were several local fisherman working the pier.

Hopefully, I have time to visit this neat place again…when I have a little more time to explore.

I spent a few entertaining hours at the Kansas Star yesterday afternoon, with 4 other friends. We ALL came out ahead…one hit a $1000 jackpot. We beat the odds and had a lot of fun in the process. We only took a small amount each, about what we would have spent if we’d all went out to a nice dinner and a movie.

Pretty neat place, especially considering it’s at the temporary location. I was also amazed at seeing 30+ friends there, all having fun.
After going to several casinos in Oklahoma, it was fun to see the Kansas Star has the Vegas style slot machines.
Can’t wait to see the final location finished in the next year or so.

Maysen turned 2 and had a couple of special guests at her party…

quite a surprise when Foofa and Toodee walked in. Maysen blew both of her candles out with no trouble.

Lily really liked the Yo Gabba Gabba gang too.