I’ve always been the person that claims less deductions than I actually am entitled to, at the end of the year. I let the government use “my” money, but know I’ll be getting a hefty check from not only the Feds, but the State of Kansas. A couple of hours ago, the story broke and I learned that our Kansas Government has suspended all tax refunds. Not only that, but State Employees may not receive any more paychecks. (click on the Wichita Eagle logo below, for the full story)

As of tomorrow morning, I will be changing my W-4 withholding form from “-3” deductions to “4”. I will more than likely “owe” the government, both State and Federal, at the end of the year. BUT, they won’t be using my cash all year, then deciding they can’t pay me back. I have to wonder how many others will be filing a new revised W-4 tomorrow. Good luck Kansas.

Youve got to be kidding!

You've got to be kidding!

This sign was posted in the bathroom, at the Derby KS Dairy Queen…”put toilet paper into trash instead of toilet”. That doesn’t sound like a good thing.

Checking my statement my February 2008, I noticed a $20 charge from Allegiant Air. I did purchase tickets through Allegiant Air, also paying for my 1 checked bag, back in November of 2007. My flight was in February of 2008 and since I’d paid in advance, I didn’t even take a credit card with me.

Allegiant Air

I attempted to contact Allegiant Air Customer Service, but got their voice mail – ALL 3 TIMES I TRIED TO CALL THEM. My credit card company has “started a file” and said I need to give them 48-hours to respond.


Within 24-hours I received a call from “Scott”, with Allegiant Air Customer Service. He quickly reviewed the records and said it looked like there had been a charge, credit and other charge to my account within a few minutes; He said this indicated that a mistake has been made. He said that they were immediately correcting it and crediting my card $20.00.

I’ll have to say that I was not very happy with getting voice mail when I tried to call them, but Allegiant Air came through like a champ. I will continue flying with them on my yearly migration to Las Vegas, as I probably would have anyway…they have great rates. It is good to know though that they will address any “minor” problems that might occur.

Thumbs Up to Allegiant Air Customer Service


Below is a copy of an email I received today. My friend Ken received an identical email from a different staffer.

Dear Mr. Smith:

My name is Marianne Maestas and I am with the Executive Customer Relations department of T-Mobile. I am contacting you on behalf of Mr. Robert Dotson in regards to the email that you sent him over the weekend.

Twitter users are welcome to stay connected through T-Mobile service. Rumors that T-Mobile blocks the service are false. T-Mobile confirmed with Twitter that there was a technical issue between the two companies’ systems that temporarily prevented some customers from utilizing the service this past weekend. That issue has since been resolved and the companies are working to prevent such incidents from re-occurring.

Should you have any further questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact Customer Care at 800-937-8997. Thank you.

Marianne Maestas,
Executive Customer Relations Specialist,
Office of the President,
! T! ! ! Mobile!
stick together


I’m really am glad this issue was resolved, because I’m really happy with T-Mobile and Twitter.

I’ve just learned that T-Mobile, who I’ve had nothing but praise for on this blog and all of my communications with friends and family, may have opted to halt the use of Twitter by it’s customers. If this is true, it is nothing short of CENSORSHIP. You can read about it here, on the T-Mobile Forum. Here is an open letter which I just email to the CEO of T-Mobile:

I have been nothing but pleased with customer service and the help that I’ve received with my new T-Mobile Family Account. I’ve told everyone over the past few weeks how happy I am, including friends, family and postings on websites and blogs (my Personal blog and other’s)

I’ve now learned that Twitter is no longer accessible through T-Mobile (at least in my area). I, along with many of my friends and family have opted for the unlimited texting option, partially due to Twitter and being able to stay in contact with each other. If T-Mobile is actually blocking access to Twitter, this is nothing less than censorship.

I hope that you can look into this matter and if it is a T-Mobile issue, make the right decision that will allow a LARGE number of your customers to stay with T-Mobile, rather than opting to switch service providers just as soon as our contracts expire.

Thank you for your time, “My Name”

If any of you would feel the need to contact the T-mobile CEO (Robert Dotson), his email address is: rdotson@t-mobile.com

Always shut your computer down before a lightning storm hits.

That being said, let me tell you what happened to me. I was going out to check the weather and ended up twisting my ankle; something that happens to me about every year or so. I was down for about 20-minutes and during that time, you guessed it, a lightning strike occurred. Our power went out for about 30-seconds, which was long enough to instantly kill my computer.

When I did restart it, I discovered that everything was still working, except Mozilla FireFox. Ken, a friend of mine, had turned me on to the FireFox browser some time ago and I highly recommend it. At any rate, I ended up calling Ken and he helped me reconfigure the program.

Always shut your computer down before a lightning storm hits.

Allied Insurance

In May of this year, I purchased the Honda VTX1300c motorcycle that I’ve written about. I contacted by local agent, who I have my other vehicles insured with, along with my home. They gave me a quote and within a week, I’d received a copy of the policy and paid the full premium for the year.

This past week I receive a notice in the mail, from Allied, stating that I owed another $44, stating it was due to an underwriters adjustment (this is a 30% increase in the total premium). When I contacted my local agent about this, they were baffled but said they’d call the underwriters and then get back with me.

My agent called me back a few days later and I found out why there was an increase…I’m single! They assumed I was married, since I had multiple vehicles and a residence, but when the underwriters checked the actual application and saw that I was single, they sent me the increase notice. WHAT A CROCK!

Since I was given a quote and already paid the premium for the year, my agent was able to get the underwriters to waive the additional costs for this year.

At any rate, guess I’m going to have to look for a wife…is Gwen Stefani still married?