November 2008

I always look forward to Thanksgiving in Dexter, KS. My sister, Jan, built a log home there a couple of years ago and it nice and peaceful.

It’s actually located East of Dexter, in the country. If you are an outdoors person, it’s just the kind of place you’d love.

Amanda & Reagan were glad to see the new leather furniture Jan recently bought, while Kelsey & Ashley entertained us with a violin duet.

…And it’s always nice to see mom!


After modifying an 1800C Solo Seat to fit my 1300C, I’ve contemplated cutting off the rear peg mounts. I struggled with this idea, as it would be a permanent modification, short of welding them back on. A forum poster on another site suggested covering the mount and this is what I came up with…simple and CHEAP!

I went to Lowe’s and bought a 4-pack of size 1 1/8″ Rubber Chair Tips, which cost me $2.79.

Make sure you buy the rubber ones and not the hard plastic style.

It’s very simple to remove the rear pegs on the VTX. Just straighten out the cotter-pin and remove the retention pin…save the parts by re-assembling them so they won’t be hard to find if you decide to ride 2-up.

I cleaned the mount up a little, then just slid the rubber chair tip on, wiggling it back a forth a little…pretty easy, but not loose enough to vibrate off.

This was my final look and it’s not very noticeable; looks almost like a safety stop on a crotch-rocket. You can see what I mean in the photo below…hardly noticeable.

Now all I have to do is chrome that swingarm…man, it really stands out!!!

I got the idea of this post from my friend Ken Davis, who presented some interesting comparisons: example #1, example #2 and example #3. So, here is my first “Seperated at Birth?” post.

Matthew was asked to play the bass guitar this year, in the Mulvane High School Jazz Band. He has been playing the electric guitar for a couple of years, but started playing the bass guitar only a couple of months ago. After he got dressed, he looked like a rock star.

Matthew did an excellent job and everyone really enjoyed the concert.

The first Sunday of every month, March through November, Cassoday Kansas hosts a motorcycle rally. In the summer, as many as 5000+ riders show up, with the chrome shining.

The temperature, plus the Wichita Toy Run, probably keep a lot of riders away from Cassoday today. Still, a few hundred bikes had arrived before we left…and we passed several “in-coming herds” on the way home.

To see the full set of Cassoday photos. Click Here.