March 2008

Matthew and I went to Dexter for Mom’s birthday. Jan’s log home is always fun to visit. We rode the 4-wheeler and golf cart around and had fun exploring. The creek that runs through Jan’s property is lined with great finds: fossils, some ancient pottery/glass, wildlife habitats…and the list goes on.

Picnic Area.Fossil Bank

Jan’s dog Dexter is never far from her. Due to the abundant wildlife in the area, Jan keeps him on a leash. While we were exploring, Jan found 2 meteorites. They were bigger than others shes found and she even gave one to me!

Jan & Dexter.2 Meteorites


Checking my statement my February 2008, I noticed a $20 charge from Allegiant Air. I did purchase tickets through Allegiant Air, also paying for my 1 checked bag, back in November of 2007. My flight was in February of 2008 and since I’d paid in advance, I didn’t even take a credit card with me.

Allegiant Air

I attempted to contact Allegiant Air Customer Service, but got their voice mail – ALL 3 TIMES I TRIED TO CALL THEM. My credit card company has “started a file” and said I need to give them 48-hours to respond.


Within 24-hours I received a call from “Scott”, with Allegiant Air Customer Service. He quickly reviewed the records and said it looked like there had been a charge, credit and other charge to my account within a few minutes; He said this indicated that a mistake has been made. He said that they were immediately correcting it and crediting my card $20.00.

I’ll have to say that I was not very happy with getting voice mail when I tried to call them, but Allegiant Air came through like a champ. I will continue flying with them on my yearly migration to Las Vegas, as I probably would have anyway…they have great rates. It is good to know though that they will address any “minor” problems that might occur.

Thumbs Up to Allegiant Air Customer Service

Last week, I pasted a milestone in my life. Owing only a couple of hundred dollars, I elected to pay off my Saturn LS2, making it one of only a very few vehicles that I’ve totally owned.
2000 Saturn LS2
My Saturn is also one of the least expensive vehicles I’ve ever owned, with only minimal maintenance costs over the 65,000 miles and 6-years since I purchased it from the local Saturn Dealer.

These are a few extra pictures that I took of Reagan, while she was having fun at Matthew’s Birthday Party.

A little sip

Reagan's New Purse

Reagan and Amanda

Matthew’s mom threw a party for him, in Belle Plaine. Family and friends were there, along with the normal birthday things: food, cake and presents.
Matthew and his cake

Maria still hard at work.Everyone wants to see the cake.Whos Birthday Party Is It.Matthew and AmandaMollie with Plastic Baby.Opening Presents.Reagan getting sleepy.Danelle

Matthew got some some guitar pedals and other things he’d been wanting. Reagan had a lot of fun playing with Emily’s toy VW Bug.