December 2007

With Matthew gone to play with the school band, at the Alamo Bowl in Texas, Kevin, Amanda, Reagan and I headed to Dexter.

We arrived early, so the kids could play and we all could enjoy some Dexter Kansas Pizza – very good. after eating, we all exchanged presents.
Dexter - Reagan Dexter - Mom and Randy Dexter - Becca Kelsey and Ashley Dexter - Rene Randy Mom and Jan
Sally Dexter - Rene Dexter - Kevin Dexter - Amanda and Reagan
By the time we headed back to Mulvane, Reagan was worn-out.


Christmas morning, Matthew and I went over to Amanda’s house. Amanda, Kevin and Reagan were there, along with Matthew & Amanda’s mom, Maria. Santa brought Reagan the Big Girl Bike she had asked him for.

Christmas Morning - Reagan had a great time!Christmas Morning at the Sparks HouseChristmas4Christmas at the Sparks House

In the afternoon, we all went to Belle Plaine. Jimmy and Danelle opened their house for more Christmas celebration.

Minnis / O'Daniel FamilyMinnis / O'Daniel FamilyJim and MatthewKatherine and Shawn's Family

I was surfing craigslist and had to laugh when I saw this ad:

PAYING $25 for a case of any beer delivered to my apt – $25

Reply to:
Date: 2007-12-22, 5:45PM CST; I live in SE wichita.. my truck is stuck and I’m out of beer.. if you live near Harry & Webb and wanna make a quick $7-$10 just bring me a case of any 5.5 beer and I’ll give you $25 cash. I’m 31 but can show ID if you want.Email me for address and phone number.


Below is a copy of an email I received today. My friend Ken received an identical email from a different staffer.

Dear Mr. Smith:

My name is Marianne Maestas and I am with the Executive Customer Relations department of T-Mobile. I am contacting you on behalf of Mr. Robert Dotson in regards to the email that you sent him over the weekend.

Twitter users are welcome to stay connected through T-Mobile service. Rumors that T-Mobile blocks the service are false. T-Mobile confirmed with Twitter that there was a technical issue between the two companies’ systems that temporarily prevented some customers from utilizing the service this past weekend. That issue has since been resolved and the companies are working to prevent such incidents from re-occurring.

Should you have any further questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact Customer Care at 800-937-8997. Thank you.

Marianne Maestas,
Executive Customer Relations Specialist,
Office of the President,
! T! ! ! Mobile!
stick together


I’m really am glad this issue was resolved, because I’m really happy with T-Mobile and Twitter.

I’ve just learned that T-Mobile, who I’ve had nothing but praise for on this blog and all of my communications with friends and family, may have opted to halt the use of Twitter by it’s customers. If this is true, it is nothing short of CENSORSHIP. You can read about it here, on the T-Mobile Forum. Here is an open letter which I just email to the CEO of T-Mobile:

I have been nothing but pleased with customer service and the help that I’ve received with my new T-Mobile Family Account. I’ve told everyone over the past few weeks how happy I am, including friends, family and postings on websites and blogs (my Personal blog and other’s)

I’ve now learned that Twitter is no longer accessible through T-Mobile (at least in my area). I, along with many of my friends and family have opted for the unlimited texting option, partially due to Twitter and being able to stay in contact with each other. If T-Mobile is actually blocking access to Twitter, this is nothing less than censorship.

I hope that you can look into this matter and if it is a T-Mobile issue, make the right decision that will allow a LARGE number of your customers to stay with T-Mobile, rather than opting to switch service providers just as soon as our contracts expire.

Thank you for your time, “My Name”

If any of you would feel the need to contact the T-mobile CEO (Robert Dotson), his email address is:

With the cold spell we’re having, I decided it was time to cook some of my not-so-famous chili. Maria and Jim made the trip and so did Kevin, Amanda and Reagan. Reagan had the cutest pair of shoes on!

Reagan's Shoe

Christmas Packages

Packages and trimmings

Candy and Christmas

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