A close friend, Tim Mitchell, had never been to Vegas and after he received a kitchen pass from his wife, we headed east.

Mirage Hotel & Casino:

Venetian Hotel & Casino:

We were lucky enought to score tickets and solo-backstage passes for The Blue Man Group.

We also stopped by the “Pawn Stars” Pawn Shop. The guys were filming off-sight, but Tim did sell a silver half-dollar to the shop.

Some of the shirts they were selling…

I also managed to get a shot of the Pawn Stars “Bouncer”, who was working the door that day.

Here is a shot of the Eiffel Tower, at the Paris Casino & Hotel:

I hit a straight flush on a table at the Fremont Casino, downtown, along with a couple of smaller jackpots elsewhere. Otherwise, I managed to nickel and dime my way through the trip. We saw a lot of sights and when it was all over (hotel, Airfare, gambling, food, shows, transportation …), I arrived home $8 richer then I was when I left; another good trip to Vegas!