November 2007

We made it official today; the Christmas Season is upon us – our tree is up!

Christmas in Mulvane

I put up the outside lights just before Thanksgiving while our weather was still nice, but we didn’t light them up until Thanksgiving night.


One of the nice things about having family and friends is getting to celebrate Thanksgiving (and all the food!) a couple of times. The Saturday after Thanksgiving day, Matthew, Amanda, Kevin, Reagan and I went to Jan’s log home, in Dexter.

Jan's Log Home in Dexter Kansas

It’s about a 45-minute drive from Mulvane, and we took the route the passed by the Winfield Lake. There was a lot of good food and we all enjoyed ourselves.

Thanksgiving in Dexter - Log HomeThanksgiving in Dexter - The GirlsThanksgiving in Dexter - MatthewThanksgiving in Dexter - Ashley and KelseyThanksgiving in Dexter - Amanda and ReaganThanksgiving in Dexter - ReaganThanksgiving in Dexter - Mom and DexterThanksgiving in Dexter - My Brother RandyThanksgiving in Dexter - Girls in the KitchenThanksgiving in Dexter - Violin in Nature

We went to Belle Plaine and spent the day with Jimmy, Danelle and family. Jimmy did most of the cooking and is known throughout Kansas for his cuisine.

The Great Jimmy!

I would guess that there were around 25-30 people at the house and we all had a lot of fun eating and playing games.
Thanksgiving - on the sofaThanksgiving - MariaThanksgiving - GamesThanksgiving - The Food!

Reagan was there too and she had a lot of fun playing with her cousin Sadie.

As usual, Reagan was a little doll

Reagan loves Guitar Hero…She’s a natural! I’m not the only one that’s taken notice of her talent. This photo is being featured in an Internet New Story, at NowPublic.

Reagan Rocking Out

(Actual photo date is 11/21/2007)

Mollie at 16

Mollie turned 16 and her parents threw her a party. Her extended family was there and we all had pizza and cake – it was a great time! Reagan played with Mollie’s new puppy and helped open presents.
Reagan and puppyEveryone at Mollie's houseMollie and Reaganpuppy2

Ken having a great time at Old Chicago

I took this photo with my cell phone, at the East Wichita Old Chicago Restaurant…apparently Ken was having a good time!

Selecting a wireless phone service and phone are almost as stressful as buying a car…well, maybe not quit that stressful. I’ve been with AT&T Wireless (formally known as Cingular) for almost a decade. With my wireless needs recently changing, I had to start shopping for another plan. I discovered that switching to T-Mobile would save me about $30 a month. As Ken, a friend of mine said, “That’s a no-brainer!”.

Next order of business was to decide on the phones. I’m going to a family plan, so I had to find a time that Matthew and I could hit the local stores and check out the new models. Matthew went with the Samsung Stripe, which is a flip-phone. After much deliberation, I selected the Motorola RIZR Z3, which is a slider.



I came to my final decision after reading all the reviews at If you haven’t tried, you need to. You can use the search feature to find a review on anything electronic, photographic…about everything you are thinking about buying.

One more thing that I really think everyone needs to know…
If you are thinking about entering into a wireless contract, do your homework. I ended up ordering my phones and service over the phone (after researching the local store and internet). The one major benefit that I got out of this was that I only have a 1-year-contract, instead of the normal 2-year. After that time, I can choose a new phone, or even change service providers with no penalties.

My phones should arrive in a few days and I’ll post a review after I’ve had a chance to try them out.

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