I’ve known Vern Miller for 35- years. A book was recently published, featuring stories of his life and career: “Legendary Kansas Lawman”. He was at a book signing, at the Blue Dragon Bookstore, in Derby Kansas this weekend and I stopped by to see him. Vern and I shared several interests in our field, one of which were motorcycles.

The books actually sold out within minutes of the stores opening and Vern’s supply evaporated too…more are on order and other book signings have been scheduled.


Wichita’s very own Ken Davis, also known by the Twitter/Flickr community as “davis1862”, was the 1st place winner at the 2nd annual Tangent Lab Photography Contest. Tangent Lab’s Brad Ruder announced Ken as the winner.

Below: Ken Davis with the winning photograph, “The Purple Door”.

Ken Davis, who I work with and is a close friend, is celebrating his birthday – in New York. His wife surprised him with the trip and I’m sure we’ll see plenty of photos on his blog, when he returns. He sent this picture of Lady Liberty, via his Blackberry.

My friend Ken and I picked a good day for our road trip to Winfield. We also stopped at the Oxford Mill. The mill has been converted into a nice restaurant, which I plan to check out in near future. To see other photos of our trip, Click Here

This is a very rare photo, which I took today, February 27th, 2008. It depicts Danelle, who is known to the Twitter community as “nellrae”. This photo was taken in Derby Kansas, at Danelle’s….well….place of EMPLOYMENT. OK, I said it.

Rare photo of Danelle at work

This is the first actual paid job that she has ever had, in her adult life. She is a very interesting person, that is going through some major changes. Not only is she employed, but she’s stopped smoking and is doing other things, all in the pursuit of the better life – Good job Danelle!

If you know Danelle, you might wish her a happy birthday, Which is February 28th.

Christmas morning, Matthew and I went over to Amanda’s house. Amanda, Kevin and Reagan were there, along with Matthew & Amanda’s mom, Maria. Santa brought Reagan the Big Girl Bike she had asked him for.

Christmas Morning - Reagan had a great time!Christmas Morning at the Sparks HouseChristmas4Christmas at the Sparks House

In the afternoon, we all went to Belle Plaine. Jimmy and Danelle opened their house for more Christmas celebration.

Minnis / O'Daniel FamilyMinnis / O'Daniel FamilyJim and MatthewKatherine and Shawn's Family

Christmas Packages

Packages and trimmings

Candy and Christmas

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