August 2007

Matthew’s mom, Maria, had a birthday and we went out to celebrate at the Rib Crib, in Derby. The food was great, as usual, and everyone had a good time. Matthew and I hit “the Crib” two or three times a month.

Matthew is taller than both his mother and I. He’s a Junior this year and has been thinking about life after high school.

Matthew and Maria


HJC Motorcycle Helmets

As I mentioned in my post about, I recently purchase a new helmet; a black HJC SyMax. The SyMax is a very unique full-face helmet. It has a flip-up shield, but beyond that, the entire front also flips up. I also purchased a smoked shield for it and now it’s solid black.

HJC Symax Motorcycle Helmet

Click here to see the webBikeWorld review on this helmet

If you haven’t checked out, your really missing some bargains. When you go to the site, you will see that you can select the state you live in, then the city within that state, so you will find local items for sale – new and used. There are also other ads, just like the classified ads in your local paper.

I’ve purchased several things on, including most recently a new motorcycle helmet. I was preparing to purchase an HJC SyMax Helmet from a local cycle shop, for the hefty sum of $259.99. I check every day or so and when I checked it this time, there was a new HJC SyMax Helmet listed, for $75.00. I contacted the seller and picked the helmet up the next day.

I lowered the rear of my VTX, by about 1.5″. This was easily done, with the purchase of a pair of Progressive Shocks, which also made the ride noticeably smoother. I’m still not sure if I shouldn’t have lowered it another 1/2″, but can live with the look it has now. I try to buy one accessory every two weeks and will for sometime…I have a lot of modifications planned before the bike is complete.

VTX1300c with Progressive Shocks added

Allied Insurance

In May of this year, I purchased the Honda VTX1300c motorcycle that I’ve written about. I contacted by local agent, who I have my other vehicles insured with, along with my home. They gave me a quote and within a week, I’d received a copy of the policy and paid the full premium for the year.

This past week I receive a notice in the mail, from Allied, stating that I owed another $44, stating it was due to an underwriters adjustment (this is a 30% increase in the total premium). When I contacted my local agent about this, they were baffled but said they’d call the underwriters and then get back with me.

My agent called me back a few days later and I found out why there was an increase…I’m single! They assumed I was married, since I had multiple vehicles and a residence, but when the underwriters checked the actual application and saw that I was single, they sent me the increase notice. WHAT A CROCK!

Since I was given a quote and already paid the premium for the year, my agent was able to get the underwriters to waive the additional costs for this year.

At any rate, guess I’m going to have to look for a wife…is Gwen Stefani still married?

A couple of years ago, my sister Jan bought some property near Dexter, Kansas. My Brother Randy actually sold her some of his property and it turned out that they both had several good gas wells on the land, so the heating in the winter is “free”. Jan built a nice log home and she and my mother Sally are spending a lot of time there now.

Jan’s Log Home

She has a couple of ponds on the property, one within about 30-yards of the home. A nice creek also runs through her land and they’ve found several arrowheads and fossils there.

I like the looks of a solo seat, but that was not an option on the VTX1300c. I looked at several after-market seats, ranging in prices from $250 to $700. I ended up buying a stock VTX1800c seat that was on eBay, for $41 (including shipping!). I read several forums on modifying the seat to fit my bike. I ended up spending about 2-hours, trimming the seat pan sides and front resting tabs, then re-stapling the cover on; it came out perfect. I can also easily install the passenger seat, which was included with the front seat, whenever the need arises.

VTX1300c - with 1800c solo seat installed

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