February 2009

I’ve always been the person that claims less deductions than I actually am entitled to, at the end of the year. I let the government use “my” money, but know I’ll be getting a hefty check from not only the Feds, but the State of Kansas. A couple of hours ago, the story broke and I learned that our Kansas Government has suspended all tax refunds. Not only that, but State Employees may not receive any more paychecks. (click on the Wichita Eagle logo below, for the full story)

As of tomorrow morning, I will be changing my W-4 withholding form from “-3” deductions to “4”. I will more than likely “owe” the government, both State and Federal, at the end of the year. BUT, they won’t be using my cash all year, then deciding they can’t pay me back. I have to wonder how many others will be filing a new revised W-4 tomorrow. Good luck Kansas.


Little Maysen turned one week old on Friday, February13th. Reagan really wanted her little sister to be named “Rainbow Star Sparks”.

Little Maysen Sparks was born at the Wesley Birthing Center, in Wichita KS, at 2:04pm, 02/06/2009. She made her appearance at 7 pounds, 12 ounces and was 19 inches long. (Click the photos below to see the full set)

Amanda was in labor for approx. 8 hrs., which was a lot shorter than the 22 hours with Reagan.

Reagan was a proud Big Sister!