October 2008

Ken Davis, who I work with and is a close friend, is celebrating his birthday – in New York. His wife surprised him with the trip and I’m sure we’ll see plenty of photos on his blog, when he returns. He sent this picture of Lady Liberty, via his Blackberry.


I was off work today and Matthew was out of school, so we took a short trip to Wichita. We visited the Museum of World Treasures. It’s located in Old Town and there are also a lot of places to find lunch in the area.

Adult tickets are $8.95, which is just a little more than the cost of a show and allowed us to come and go as we wished, for the day.


Children Under 4 Are FREE!

After passing through the gift shop, the first thing you see is “Ivan”…the T-Rex!

Ivan and the other dinosaurs are a real eyecatcher for the kids and adults. It’s really amazing to see how large these creatures were. There were other interesting thing throughout the large three level museum.

The shrunken head display was complete with instructions posted on the front of the glass case…incase you even needed to know how to shrink a head. There were also several videos playing in various areas.

We checked out all of the exhibits and had a lot of fun. Photos are allowed except on the 2nd floor, where items are on loan to the Museum. I plan to return as other friends and relatives visit us in Kansas.

Ken sent out a twitter message this morning, inviting anyone to join him on a photo walk by the river. A couple of “flickr” people (myself including) took him up on his offer.

The three of us has a lot of fun just walking around the area of Exploration Place and Keeper of the Plains.

We also saw a local Great Egret, fishing for lunch. He got lucky while we watched and found a meal…


Reagan really likes the Wizard of Oz and recently decided that she wanted to be “Dorothy” on Halloween. Amanda took her shopping and they found the perfect dress. Reagan gave me a sneek-peek and modeled her new costume.

If you have a vehicle you like, I really don’t think you can ever polish it enough. I clean my bike after every ride and again before I take it out.

I try to buy a couple of accessories every month. Recently, I’ve added a chrome Big Bike Dipstick, Hard Krome 3″ Big Straight Pipes (I modded the baffles to quiet them a little) and a Boulevard Shield.

This is Jordan Minnis, one of Matthew’s cousins. She lives in Wichita and just returned from her American Idol Tryout in Kansas City. She is a singer and locally has performed at several events, including Belle Plaine’s Tulip Festival.

She made it through to the the final audition, but didn’t get a “golden ticket”. You still may see her on this season’s Idol, she was interviewed and the cameras seemed to like her!