Back in 2010, I bought a new “still on the dealer’s floor” 2007 Honda VFR800 Interceptor. The VFR is considered a sport/touring bike and is more comfortable than most sport bikes. It sits you more upright and isn’t as hard on your back or wrists. I modified it with a lot of accessories and liked riding when I could, but only put a little over 3500 miles on it the two years I owned it. I ended up giving a friend a good deal on it and bought a 2008 level II Goldwing. I was able to put a lot more miles on the Goldwing, taking several trips.

A few months ago, my friend told me he was thinking about selling the VFR. He too had only put about 3500 miles on the bike and he hadn’t changed a thing, keeping it still in pristine condition. I ended up buying it back a couple of days ago and couldn’t be happier. Now I have the Goldwing for the trips and the VFR for…well…the fun!

2007 Honda VFR800 Interceptor

My Candy Glory Red VFR800 has the following upgrades: Zero Gravity Double Bubble Smoked Windscreen, Sargent World Sport Performance Seat, Competition Werkes Fender Eliminator, R&G Racing Crash Protectors, Honda ST1300 Center and Side Tank Pads, RAM Ball Mount and power hookup (for GPS or Phone), Five Star Top Rack, two (2) color-matched Givi Top Cases (medium and large), GenMar Risers, Grip Puppies, Kaoko Cruise Control, Pazzo Type Racing Levers, mirror extenders, Red-Fox Rear Hugger.




I managed to put 700 miles on my new bike, in the first 30-days. It rained most of the first week and a half, but has been dry everyday since…and nearly 100 degrees everyday.

I’ve added a few things, including a Smoked Zero Gravity Double Bubble Screen, Competition Werkes Fender Eliminator, R&G Crash Protectors, TomTom/RAM Mount GPS System, ST1300 Tank Pads, Pazzo Racing Levers and a Corbin Saddle. I also bought a tail trunk and a set of Joe Rocket Sport Saddle Bags, for the trips I plan on taking.

I was installing the crash protectors and discovered the plastic fasteners that Honda uses are a little tricky and fragile…broke 2 of them. When I went to buy them, the dealer told me they were over $3 each. I ended up buying a different type on-line

The fastener on the right is an OEM item from my 07 Honda VFR Interceptor. They are a common fastener used on Honda bikes and seem to be pretty easy to destroy. They run just over $3 each at the dealer.

The fastener on the left is a “GM Push Type (Ret. 1/4″; hole, TR 240B)”, which I ordered from at about 24 cents each (minimum order for best price is 100 pieces – $24.00 with shipping).

After struggling with the thought of buying another bike, I made the decision to sell the VTX.

The new owner seemed very happy, when he drove down the street…while I was still wondering if I’d made the right decision. I’ve had the X for a few years and after doing all the work on it myself, it was a part of me.

I’d been looking at several duel-sport bikes, along with a few heavy sport bikes. I had it narrowed down to a Suzuki Hayabusa and a Honda VFR Interceptor. I ended up locating a new Honda VFR at a local dealer and after riding it, have no regrets with my choice.

Today, after I’ve owned it for only 4-days, I took it out for a real ride….put about 130-miles on it. Visited Sumner County, Cowley County, Butler County and back to Sedgwick County.

(Waiting on a slow training, somewhere in Butler County KS)

I’ve ordered few accessories to make it my own, including Luggage and a GPS mount, and am looking forward to the trips I’ll be taking in the near future.

I’ve been without 4-wheel drive since 2002, when I purchased my Saturn LS2. I really didn’t even notice except the few times a year when it snowed over a couple of inches, but recently I’ve been going to my sister’s log home, in Dexter.

Her driveway crosses a dam, which I seem to keep getting high-centered on…the gravel road has a high crown.

A while back, I overheard a friend talking about buying a new vehicle. I knew she was still driving her 1997 Toyota T100….which had only 68k on the odometer. I shot her an offer and last week became it’s 2nd owner. It’s by no means perfect, but the drivetrain is bullet-proof.

Over the winter, I installed a lot of chrome and accessories, on the VTX. Here are a few photos – April, 2009.

After modifying an 1800C Solo Seat to fit my 1300C, I’ve contemplated cutting off the rear peg mounts. I struggled with this idea, as it would be a permanent modification, short of welding them back on. A forum poster on another site suggested covering the mount and this is what I came up with…simple and CHEAP!

I went to Lowe’s and bought a 4-pack of size 1 1/8″ Rubber Chair Tips, which cost me $2.79.

Make sure you buy the rubber ones and not the hard plastic style.

It’s very simple to remove the rear pegs on the VTX. Just straighten out the cotter-pin and remove the retention pin…save the parts by re-assembling them so they won’t be hard to find if you decide to ride 2-up.

I cleaned the mount up a little, then just slid the rubber chair tip on, wiggling it back a forth a little…pretty easy, but not loose enough to vibrate off.

This was my final look and it’s not very noticeable; looks almost like a safety stop on a crotch-rocket. You can see what I mean in the photo below…hardly noticeable.

Now all I have to do is chrome that swingarm…man, it really stands out!!!

The first Sunday of every month, March through November, Cassoday Kansas hosts a motorcycle rally. In the summer, as many as 5000+ riders show up, with the chrome shining.

The temperature, plus the Wichita Toy Run, probably keep a lot of riders away from Cassoday today. Still, a few hundred bikes had arrived before we left…and we passed several “in-coming herds” on the way home.

To see the full set of Cassoday photos. Click Here.

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