July 2009

Matthew plays lead guitar with “Curfew for Katie”. The band travels out of Mulvane Kansas, for local and not so local concerts.

These shots are from an acoustic performance at Wichita Town East’s Hot Topic on July 17th, 2009.


We took a trip this weekend and went to Kansas City. All of us wanted to visit relatives and go to Worlds Of Fun. It was great to see my Dad’s brother and his wife, Cork and Jackie, who live in Raytown, MO.

The next day, we went to Worlds Of Fun, which was only 3-miles from our Hotel. We had a blast!

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Even little baby Maysen had a lot of fun!

I was wondering why the blue-jays were making so much racket and when I went to investigate, I stepped right over this guy.

I hadn’t seen him because I was looking up at the jays, still screeching away. The rat snake was about 4-feet long and as you can see, he had a “bulge” in the middle…maybe he already ate lunch?

I carried him to the field behind my house and wished him well.

Reagan invited me to her swim lessons, at the Mulvane KS pool. Click a photo below to see others.