September 2007

It was a little windy, but otherwise it was a nice day to go to the Zoo. The Sedgwick County Zoo has always always been a fun place to go, but recently they have expanded with several new habitats, adding Gorillas, Penguins and a lot more. If there is one thing they are short on, it’s food and snackbars. There was only one opened while we were there and the lines were long. But, on a good note, they are also in the process of building a larger restaurant in the middle of the facility, so hopefully next year that problem will be alleviated.

Reagan’s mom and dad planned to go to Kansas City, to attend a wedding, so Reagan had a free afternoon to spend with us.


We had a lot of fun watching her as she feed the wild geese and checked out the animals that were on display and going about their business.



Since the Zoo’s ice cream shop was closed, we went to the Derby Dairy Queen for a snack…which had to be pink!



We celebrated Jan’s Birthday in September…Dexter even got some treats!


I’ve known Tim for about 26 years now and recently told you about his new blog; PowerCat. Earlier this year, Tim started a new chapter in his career…what he called his “Dream Job”. It required him to travel the country and receive a lot of specialized training.

Last week, he went to Washington, D.C. and while he was there he saw several of the sites, including the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. My Father’s name, Richard D. Smith, is on panel one. The photos below are a couple that Tim took for me.

Tim at The Wall, Washington D.C.

Richard Dean Smith

I’m not a sports person, but I still have fun attending the Friday night high school football games. Our town always packs the stands and its fun running into all the neighbors and friends that show up.

Football Game

Matthew plays the trumpet in the marching band so I especially enjoy the half-time events.

Matthew in the stands

I posted another mod on several of the motorcycle forum sites I surf. Here is a link to one of those posts: VTX Cafe

Here’s a photo of what I’m talking about:

VTX Chrome Tail Spike

I’ve received a lot of requests for some pics and instructions for the solo seat mod, which I did on my VTX. Here is a link to a writeup that I did, to help anyone out that is thinking about going solo: CLICK HERE


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