February 2008

This is a very rare photo, which I took today, February 27th, 2008. It depicts Danelle, who is known to the Twitter community as “nellrae”. This photo was taken in Derby Kansas, at Danelle’s….well….place of EMPLOYMENT. OK, I said it.

Rare photo of Danelle at work

This is the first actual paid job that she has ever had, in her adult life. She is a very interesting person, that is going through some major changes. Not only is she employed, but she’s stopped smoking and is doing other things, all in the pursuit of the better life – Good job Danelle!

If you know Danelle, you might wish her a happy birthday, Which is February 28th.


After drinking a little to much pop while watching a show at the Derby Plaza Theaters, we paid a visit to the restroom.

Hand Dryer

We were drying our hands with the “World Dryer”, when my son pointed out the picture directions. He told me that you’re supposed to push the button and then take the bacon…

Hand Dryer

…now that I look at it, I would have to agree. Where’s my “bacon”?

Kevin took this picture of Reagan and her puppy, Daisy. Reagan was getting ready to go to dance class (I really love this picture!).

Reagan & Daisy