A close friend, Tim Mitchell, had never been to Vegas and after he received a kitchen pass from his wife, we headed east.

Mirage Hotel & Casino:

Venetian Hotel & Casino:

We were lucky enought to score tickets and solo-backstage passes for The Blue Man Group.

We also stopped by the “Pawn Stars” Pawn Shop. The guys were filming off-sight, but Tim did sell a silver half-dollar to the shop.

Some of the shirts they were selling…

I also managed to get a shot of the Pawn Stars “Bouncer”, who was working the door that day.

Here is a shot of the Eiffel Tower, at the Paris Casino & Hotel:

I hit a straight flush on a table at the Fremont Casino, downtown, along with a couple of smaller jackpots elsewhere. Otherwise, I managed to nickel and dime my way through the trip. We saw a lot of sights and when it was all over (hotel, Airfare, gambling, food, shows, transportation …), I arrived home $8 richer then I was when I left; another good trip to Vegas!


We took a trip to Tanganyika Wildlife Park this weekend, located in Goddard KS. It was the prefect day for it too, with a little cloud cover and the temperature in the 80’s.

There were lots of exotic animals to see and interact with. Reagan also got to ride a camel.

Some of the animals were as curious about us as we were about them. This Ring-tailed Lemur thought he was part of the Sparks Family.

To see a few other shots from this trip, CLICK HERE

A friend of mine, Ken Davis, and I decided to do a little sightseeing and picked Beaumont Kansas as our destination…about 40 miles east of Wichita, KS. They have a really neat bed-n-breakfast, where we grabbed a bite before shooting a few pictures.

This was the old train stop, still looking good but it hasn’t been used in quite a few years.

Beaumont has a lot of neat scenery nearby, including a wind farm.

To see the full photo set, CLICK HERE

I managed to put 700 miles on my new bike, in the first 30-days. It rained most of the first week and a half, but has been dry everyday since…and nearly 100 degrees everyday.

I’ve added a few things, including a Smoked Zero Gravity Double Bubble Screen, Competition Werkes Fender Eliminator, R&G Crash Protectors, TomTom/RAM Mount GPS System, ST1300 Tank Pads, Pazzo Racing Levers and a Corbin Saddle. I also bought a tail trunk and a set of Joe Rocket Sport Saddle Bags, for the trips I plan on taking.

I was installing the crash protectors and discovered the plastic fasteners that Honda uses are a little tricky and fragile…broke 2 of them. When I went to buy them, the dealer told me they were over $3 each. I ended up buying a different type on-line

The fastener on the right is an OEM item from my 07 Honda VFR Interceptor. They are a common fastener used on Honda bikes and seem to be pretty easy to destroy. They run just over $3 each at the dealer.

The fastener on the left is a “GM Push Type (Ret. 1/4″; hole, TR 240B)”, which I ordered from thefastenerwarehouse.com at about 24 cents each (minimum order for best price is 100 pieces – $24.00 with shipping).

After struggling with the thought of buying another bike, I made the decision to sell the VTX.

The new owner seemed very happy, when he drove down the street…while I was still wondering if I’d made the right decision. I’ve had the X for a few years and after doing all the work on it myself, it was a part of me.

I’d been looking at several duel-sport bikes, along with a few heavy sport bikes. I had it narrowed down to a Suzuki Hayabusa and a Honda VFR Interceptor. I ended up locating a new Honda VFR at a local dealer and after riding it, have no regrets with my choice.

Today, after I’ve owned it for only 4-days, I took it out for a real ride….put about 130-miles on it. Visited Sumner County, Cowley County, Butler County and back to Sedgwick County.

(Waiting on a slow training, somewhere in Butler County KS)

I’ve ordered few accessories to make it my own, including Luggage and a GPS mount, and am looking forward to the trips I’ll be taking in the near future.

I’ve known Vern Miller for 35- years. A book was recently published, featuring stories of his life and career: “Legendary Kansas Lawman”. He was at a book signing, at the Blue Dragon Bookstore, in Derby Kansas this weekend and I stopped by to see him. Vern and I shared several interests in our field, one of which were motorcycles.

The books actually sold out within minutes of the stores opening and Vern’s supply evaporated too…more are on order and other book signings have been scheduled.

I snapped this in a Wichita parking lot…