October 2007

My good friend Tim is currently in Santa Cruz California for some training. Last night, that area suffered a fairly strong 5.6 magnitude earthquake. He should return to the safety of Kansas by the end of this week, so check his blog…should be interesting to hear the story!

Tim Mitchell


Even though her daughter and I divorced several years ago, Maxine never treated me any differently; I was still family. Her life was cut short on October 22nd, when she lost her battle with lung cancer. She was a wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and good friend that will be missed by everyone she knew. Click Here to see her obituary.

Maxine Minnis

It was very rare to see her without a smile. We will miss you Maxine! There are other photos at my Flickr Account.

I had decided a while back that I really wanted to customize the cockpit of my VTX a little, by adding an emblem of some type. While I was in Vegas the last time, I saw a Star Trek Next Generation Communicator Pin and it was just what I was looking for. They are two-tone (silver/gold), made of metal and just the right size. I bought one on eBay, trimmed the pins off the back, and mounted it with double-sided tape. If anyone sees it, I really don’t think they even know what it is, but it does look good.

VTX Cockpit with Star Trek Emblem

I was driving up Interstate 135 the other day and could not believe what I saw. A dude on a motorcycle, who was carrying what I would estimate was approx. 100-pounds of scrap metal. He couldn’t even see through the windshield and he was traveling about 60 MPH. I snapped this photo with my cell phone…when he saw me, he waved!

Scrapper on motorcycle

Several weeks ago, my sister Jan had a lump developed in the left side of her neck. The doctors were not to concerned and though it may just be a muscle that was tightening up. After it remain for some time, the decision was made to have it removed.

Jan has never even been to an emergency room before, so she was quit nervous about being “knocked out” for this procedure. Yesterday (October 16th, 2007), mom and I waited to hear from her doctor and after a couple of hours, we were relieved to find out she was in the recovery room and everything had gone as expected.

Using my cell phone, I snapped a picture of Jan before she woke up (you can see the bandage on her neck, towards the back):

Jan in the recovery room

I talked to Jan today and she doesn’t even remember seeing me at the surgery center. She is resting at home, but said she will be returning to work on Thursday…I think she’s pushing it.

Flickr is a really neat site. They give you 100-megs of photo storage every month, but beyond that you can also browse through litterly millions of photos, of everything you can imagine. There are photos on every subjects that would intrest a person. Here is one I found, while searching “VTX”.


Always shut your computer down before a lightning storm hits.

That being said, let me tell you what happened to me. I was going out to check the weather and ended up twisting my ankle; something that happens to me about every year or so. I was down for about 20-minutes and during that time, you guessed it, a lightning strike occurred. Our power went out for about 30-seconds, which was long enough to instantly kill my computer.

When I did restart it, I discovered that everything was still working, except Mozilla FireFox. Ken, a friend of mine, had turned me on to the FireFox browser some time ago and I highly recommend it. At any rate, I ended up calling Ken and he helped me reconfigure the program.

Always shut your computer down before a lightning storm hits.

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