When I was young there were several drive-in theaters in Wichita, KS. The Starlite is the only one that has survived. It opened in the 1950’s and is the last remaining twin drive-in theater in Kansas, with a capacity of 1300 cars. Across the country there are fewer and fewer as time goes by; another drive-in, The Cinderella located in Denver CO, closed this year to make way for condos…It had opened for business in 1973.

I’ve been working at the Starlite Drive-In for the last couple of years. It’s a fun job and most of the people working there have strong ties with the business and the other employees.

Don has worked at the Starlite, in Wichita, for over 20 years. He’s had a lot of adventure in his long life. He was present at the testing of “The Atomic Bomb” and had his photo taken in front of the plume.

You see a lot of things at the drive-in. This is one of our regular customers. He always rides his bike in and brings his own chair.

I’ll try and post some “interesting” drive-in photos, as they come up.


The “Gang” on the Finance floor, at the City of Wichita, were ready to ride. Clarence really looked the part and had several “Biker Chicks” to keep track of. There are more Halloween photos at my Flickr Account.

City of Wichita

Sherry…”the BIKER BABE”!