June 2009

We went to Jan’s place, in Dexter. She recently put in a “swimming pond” and it was a welcomed relief, since the temperature have been peaking at over 100 degrees this week. Click the photos below to view the set.


Ken Davis and I took a motorcycle ride on Saturday. We had to go early, as the temperature was set to break 100 degrees, by Noon. We ended up at one of Wichita’s oldest cemeteries, Maple Grove. To see a few additional shots, click a photo below.

I’ve been without 4-wheel drive since 2002, when I purchased my Saturn LS2. I really didn’t even notice except the few times a year when it snowed over a couple of inches, but recently I’ve been going to my sister’s log home, in Dexter.

Her driveway crosses a dam, which I seem to keep getting high-centered on…the gravel road has a high crown.

A while back, I overheard a friend talking about buying a new vehicle. I knew she was still driving her 1997 Toyota T100….which had only 68k on the odometer. I shot her an offer and last week became it’s 2nd owner. It’s by no means perfect, but the drivetrain is bullet-proof.